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Locally owned by Laura Englund, NEXTsteps was founded upon recognizing a need for personal and compassionate support for people embarking on the downsizing, relocating, or renovating process. 


We understand that these transitions are stressful, and that the process requires a significant time investment.  


That's where we come in!


Over the years we have assisted many clients in many different situations - estate dispersal, downsizing, staging, move management, interior design, renovation management,  and more.  


We are professionally trained to guide you or your loved ones through the process from start to finish. Whether you have 30 years worth of treasures to sort through, or just one closet, an entire home to renovate, or just one room to paint, we are here to help in any capacity you desire!

We will provide the support and solutions you need to get through any obstacles you may be facing. We are here to hold your hand (literally sometimes) from start to finish. Our goal is to encourage you to move forward with confidence, so you can enjoy a stress free transition whatever your next move is!


Quite simply put, we'll help you take that Next Step!



Proud to be Regina and area's only Certified Relocation & Transition Specialists


B. Ledingham, Regina, Sk.

Working with you Laura was such a good experience. You were always smiling, full of energy, competent in your work, and very pleasant to deal with. You helped us to make a necessary move, that could have been traumatic, into a pleasant transition. Your service to us was excellent and our move was made very smoothly. We could not have completed the move without the help of you.  We certainly would highly recommend NEXT Steps to anyone making a move and downsizing."




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